4th , 5th and 6th October 2018

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The term cyber means relating to information technology, computers or the Internet. In a similar conceptual parlance, Cyberia implies an arena which has the cyber world at its core. Cyberia provides an arena for the youth of today and serve as a platform to exhibit their technical acumen to the world and compete with like-minded peers thus strengthen & enhance their technical skills to be future-proofed for their I.T careers. It is not an event, it is an experience which gives you a taste of the current cyber world.

To provide a platform that brings together future I.T professionals and enthusiasts. It brings together future I.T professionals and enthusiastic and help to access their technical potential by providing opportunity to challenge their like-minded peers & unleashing their ability to outperform their peers technically.

It has been 5 years for the Cyberia been commenced, and witnessed heavy and successful participations over 1500 from all over the schools and colleges of Gujarat. 100 Teams participated in the event named Techtonic Hunt, In 2013, Over 200 Students participated for the Windows Azure and Phone development Workshop by Microsoft Students Partner.

In 2013, Cyberia was officially announced as one of the major happenings in The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda along with the Paramarsh, Footprints, Prerna and Baazigar by various faculties of the University.


Everyone should code! It teaches you the way of thinking.Fools write a code understood by Machines.Programmers write a code understood by Humans.


Having Internet is basically licence to explore.It's best way to learn.


What we learn with pleasure we never Forget.The more you will learn,The Brighter You become

We are changing the world with technology

- Bill Gates -

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  • Faculty Of Science, M.S.U. Campus,
  • The Maharaja Sayajirao University, Sayajiganj,
  • Vadodara, Gujarat 390009


  • Email : [email protected]
  • For Registration Contact
    Manya Verma : 9737564010

  • Event Co-Ordinator
    Pranav Ningoo : 8980640399